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Summer’s here! And it is important that you pay special attention to your children’s shoes to protect their little feet. Buying one or two pairs of sandals to carry out the typical activities of the season, such as going to the pools, beach or water parks, it is essential! But more importantly, that you choose the best option comparing price and quality, and Coqui Shoes has the best option for you and your family.


Never ending fun with this waterproof, all terrain shoes!

In hot weather, it is ideal to have open shoes like sandals or Swedish with holes, so that the air can circulate correctly inside the foot. High temperatures can cause your child’s feet to be resentful of sweating, causing scaling, fungal irritation or even eczema.


Choose for your family comfortable footwear that is both breathable and completely water-proof, to prevent the fungi proliferation.

It is also important that you pay special attention to the sole of the sandal, choosing those models that adhere perfectly on a wet surface and a material that let the water out without absorbing it; Check that it has good grip, with an anti-slip design.

All Coqui Shoes’ soles have a good grip and they are lightweight, as well as being instantly comfy. They adhere perfectly to wet or slippery surfaces, making them very safe and ideal (for) to use on wet surfaces, giving you the confidence that your kids can run, jump and play freely.


Give adequate space to your children’s little feet to grow


Did you know that pediatricians recommend to leave a minimum distance of 1 to 1.5 cm. between the tip of the big toe and the tip of the shoe when choosing your children’s shoes?

If you are a mom, you probably know that children grow up very fast, and it is likely you won’t use this year’s pair for next summer.

But be careful, it is not about skimping on the price of shoes, rather looking for the real quality at an excellent deal. In addition to be designed with high quality materials, it’s necessary that the sandal or shoe fit the foot well and allows the child to do any movement without hurting their feet.

Coqui Shoes are designed with the CoquiAirTM EVA material, the highest A-grade category of EVA materials produced under the pressure that creates excellent mechanical strength, dimensional stability and no water absorption. The EVA material has extraordinary shock and vibration absorption properties. Plus it ergonomics certification is proven to reduce muscle fatigue by 62% compare to barefoot walking.


The antimicrobial properties are provided by closed-cell material which is highly resistant to odors and microbes and very light easy to clean.


Motivate your kid’s autonomy with a playful slip-on design!

We know that as your little one grows, putting their shoes on can be a long battle, especially if your kid is around ‘the terrible twos’, period when they are starting to become more and more independent.


Choosing different shapes and colours may help you, especially if the shoe’s design includes their favorite animal or cartoon character, to make this simple daily task funnier and less tedious!

Coqui Shoes Canada has a great variety of colours, shapes and child-focused fun themes, but best of all is their easy to use ‘slip-on’ designs, motivating your precious one’s autonomy. Encourage them to be more independent with Coqui Shoes!



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