Getting to know the Latin Players of the White Caps – Interview with Cristian Techera

One of the things that unite us as Latins is Fútbol –or Soccer, since we are in Canada-, no doubt about it.

And that is because Fútbol emigrates with you; I myself, am a huge fan of The Mexican National Soccer Team and scream and enjoy every goal, even when it is just a ‘friendly match’, because when you are away from home, soccer is one of the things that reminds you of your Country, your family, your friends, and your home!

xan fut

Mex vs Can match in 2015, BC Place

So no need to explain that we (my family and I) have become fans of the WhiteCaps Fc, local soccer team here in Vancouver, in our search of making Canada our home.

And is not a surprise either that some of the players of the Caps are Latin too (of course, it’s in our blood!) and some days ago, I had the opportunity to attend a closed training and interview of one of the Latin soccer figures, Cristian Techera.

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Techera plays as a Winger and Forward with the White Caps FC, in Vancouver, Canada. He was born and raised in Uruguay, where he played for five seasons with River Plate Montevideo Club. This is the first time in his career that he plays for a foreign soccer team and as he told me, this has been a really positive experience.



But as many of us know, to emigrate to another country is sometimes difficult and hard work. From getting used to a different type of ‘futbol’, more structured and with more technique as Canadian soccer, to having to play in a field with synthetic grass and being apart from his family for one year, because of the immigration time process.

In Latin America, Techera was used to playing in a more ‘rustic’ type of soccer and not to mention the pressure that ‘la hinchada’ (the fans) put on the team when they were having a bad season. It was hard, but he enjoyed it anyways.

vansun cor


Regardless, Techera knew from the beginning that coming to Canada was the best decision and of course, playing in a major league was the next step for his career. He came because he wanted to do ‘his thing’, to give the best of himself in each match and because that is part of what ‘fútbol’ is about, right?


Of course not everything has been easy and simple, but having 10 other Latin team mates has helped and the Club has done everything they can to  accommodate him and his family in Canada. Now, for example, his daughters are already in school learning English quicker than him, as he said.

And finally, Cristian Techera mentioned that he still has a contract of two years with the White Caps and he hopes Latin fans attend more matches, because it is always nice to count on the support of the crowd and see the Uruguy flag or any other Latin America country flags when they are entering the stadium, it’s just great.

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I thank the White Caps FC communications’ team for the interview.


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